Software products

SiGRADE provides a wide range of banking & finance software solutions, which are adopted not only in the banking & finance sector but also in the manufacturing and service industries, to manage treasury and corporate finance issues.

SiGRADE solutions for securities and derivatives have gained a significant success and market share because of their power to highly increase efficiency in operations and portfolio management.

In fact, all SiGRADE products are designed to enable the highest efficiency in contract management, including administration and accounting. They are highly flexible to properly adapt to desired back and middle office activities or to ensure any further development.

SiGRADE provides software solutions in the area of Payments and Foreign Currencies too. These products are designed on the basis of specific SiGRADE competence and of the experience derived from managing third parties' applications.

Thanks to a deep knowledge of accounting, fiscal and regulatory issues, SiGRADE can develop vertical market software solutions for other industries. Family Office software and SiTICKETS, an electronic ticketing software certified by the Italian authority (SIAE), are just a couple of examples of packages developed by SiGRADE so far.

By using a SiGRADE proprietary extension of the .NET Microsoft framework programming framework, specifically developed to design distributed web 2.0 oriented applications, SiGRADE professionals can design flexible applications with high level of performance, easy to maintain, reliable and stable over time, when using Windows or Unix platforms.