Processing inheritance practices

Canons of inheritance ask, first of all, the identification of reports and the consistancy of goods of which the succession consists of, including the deceased’s potential obligations and liabilities (de cujus); thus, the SiGRADE solution implements an initial process of information collection about the whole informational system of the intermediary, automatically generating inheritance practices, and a rapid evaluation of assets to outplace.

In a subswequent phase, the distribution network orients its acivities to take care of the relationship with the successors, while the back office structures provide specialistic support, both administrative and legal; this cooperation organized within a structured and automated process, allows to improve the quality of service to customers and a higher readiness in answering their questions.
Utilizing a system for document management available to all the actors involved in the process, enables sharing of certificates and documents attached to the inheritance practice, if already available, and the patency of those still missing.