Cookie Policy

Report about use of “cookies”, whereas the Provision n. 229 of May 8th,2014
“Recognition of simplified modes for the reporting and acquiring of the consent about cookies (Published on the Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 126 of June 3rd, 2014)” issued by Cedacri since supplier of the site

Use of cookies

The cookies utilized are exclusively technical, and are used for the purpose of counting the number of access or even for tracking, in a consolidated form, the access to the various pages.
These cookies do not include any bit of information, that be either personal or sizable.

Third parties’ cookies
The web site does not use third parties’ cookies

Lifetime of cookies

The session cookies stay active just until the browser is closed, or until the execution of the logout command. The other cookies have a lifetime related to the need of calculating the access quantity and tracking access to the various pages.


Cookie manage

The user can decide whether to accept or not the cookies using the setting of the browser in use.
These are the pages where to obtain info for cookie manage on the most current browsers.
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