Because of the high competence of its professional team, SiGRADE succeeds in developing custom software solutions that are extremely competitive for costs and elapsed time. Custom applications often reach a better fit and easier system integration to complex environment of large organizations, such as banking institutions or industrial corporations. SiGRADE offers a service of full application management for its custom solutions.

While developing custom solutions, SiGRADE looks for excellence by using state-of-the-art architectures, systems, programming languages and practices, in order to reduce processor power, to make system integration easier and to design “user-oriented” applications. SiGRADE can deliver large ICT projects and integrate any software solution in any existing ICT environment.

  • Expert maintenance
    • By using common frameworks and coding standards, SiGRADE can rely on a large number of professionals to deliver quick and effective service.
  • Guaranteed evolution
    • The size of the company size and its consolidated presence on the market are reliable guarantees for the evolution and maintenance of every SiGRADE system, for each customer.

Areas of interest:

  • Finance - Securities
  • Finance - Listed Derivatives
  • Finance - OTC Derivatives
  • Collateral Management
  • Order routing
  • Clearing e Settlement (Target2Securities)
  • Foreign currency payments
  • Cash Management and Cash Pooling
  • Claims
  • Operating Risk
  • Money tranfers
  • Cheques
  • “Centrale Allarmi Interbancaria (CAI)”
  • Core banking systems
  • General registry
  • Management control
  • Accounting
  • Business intelligence
  • Process automation
  • Research and Development
  • Treasury

Advantages for clients:

  • Software resilience
    • SiGRADE software encloses all the history and experienced programming of the company
    • Fundamental modules have been widely tested in advance with SiGRADE’s most important clients
  • - Reduced lead time
    • Automated management of coding errors and optimal the use of resources (E.g. data bases) are achieved by using specific runtime platforms which handle connections and resources.
    • By extending the Microsoft .NET framework with a proprietary web 2.0 oriented framework to develop distributed applications, SiGRADE is able to design software applications featuring high flexibility, high performance and ease of maintenance.
    • Structured methodology and coding frameworks allow professionals to focus on the business logic level.
  • Lower costs
    • Reduced lead time implies reduction of costs.