Si RERM is the SiGRADE software solution to manage the compensation of a sales force of a banking institution, composed of either sales agents and/or employees. The solution performs automatic calculation of “pay-in” elements (commissions, interest, margin, etc.), “pay-out” amounts and other inbound or outbound payments related to the sales force management.

Main features

• Management of many sales force organizations
• Agents and employees management: compensation, once offs, advance payments, indemnities, change of role or client, etc.
• Agents’ administration: invoices, taxes, social fees, etc.
• Register of Clients – Products – Links
• Sales force configuration: assignments, splits, grouping, etc.
• Configurabilità della rete commerciale: assegnazioni, frazionamenti, raggruppamenti, etc.
• “Pay in” calculation rules can be configured and can manage special agreements, past-due elements, interest margin an exceptions to be applied
• “Pay out” rules can be configured to calculate end-year prize to employees and periodic commission to agents
• Retrospective rules may be input (they cannot affect periods with an invoice already issued)
• Logging of calculation rules in force over time
• Main dashboard for daily calculation
• Parametric data extractions for external data analysis
• Fully automated data import with imbalance analysis and reporting
• “Pay-in” and “Pay-out” simulation with different calculation rules
• Reportistica di riepilogo per agenti e dipendenti strutturabile per tipologia di pay-in, area geografica, etc.
• Data extraction to Consob
• Data extraction and calculations for FIRR Enasarco
• Data extraction to internal offices (E.g. human resources, management information system, audit, etc.)


• Calculation of sales force compensation is totally automated
• Structure and rules of a sales force can be easily modeled and stored in the software
• Configuration and maintenance of calculation rules and internal model are very easy
• Input errors are minimized by full automation and imbalance analysis tools
• Invoicing and reporting can be fully automated