SiBERAR is the solution made by SiGRADE to support banks and financial intermediaries in the activities of transforming and replacing IBOR rates.

By means of appropriate interfaces, the application captures and stores the inventory of financial contracts indexed on IBOR rates and affected by the reform.
Thanks to the information on acquired contracts, the application is able to perform simulations in order to estimate future economic impacts caused by interest rate variations.

In this way an important help is granted to Risk Management Officials, in order to analyze the interest-rate risk for both managing purposes and also banking supervision purposes.

Main features and modules

  • Massive data flow acquisition from Financial Contracts (OTC derivatives, Bonds, Collateral, Certificates, Securities lending), from Credit Contracts (mortgages, financial borrowings, revolving credit cards), from Forex Contracts (foreign currency accounts, deposits, outrights) with their parameters and amortization schedules
  • Computation of final interest rates, obtained from benchmark market rates, with handling of fallback interest rates and enforcing of spreads/min and max values
  • Handling of new €STR rates provided by ECB
  • Features to connect current IBOR rates with new/reformed rates
  • Parametric management of forward-looking interest rate curves, with forward rate estimates
  • Simulation engine to compute final contractual rates which can be massively applied to stored contracts
  • Future cash flow estimates for every stored contract, with various level of aggregation
  • Extract all lists for stored contracts, on the basis of selection criteria based on “what-if” logic
  • Powerful PDF extractor engine
  • Data may be extracted in format CSV, XML, JSON with parameters freely editable by the users, without EDP support
  • Schedule extractor for contracts, based on their characteristics and cash-flows
  • Works for several banks independently
  • Tracking of user activities
  • Additional diagnostic tools to monitor acquired data flows


  • The solution is multi-bank
  • Includes the acquisition of data flows originated from your back office systems
  • Independent from settings of your back office systems
  • Modular and extensible through the addition of specific application layers