SiGIGS is the SiGRADE solution perfected in order to centralise and take advantage at the best of all the functions that the SWIFT GPI makes available to monitor the whole operative cycle of payments, through the SWIFT net.

It goes in the direction of both “fitting” and “non-fitting” institutions: particularly in the second case, it represents a valid option, compared to the GPI tracker that SWIFT makes available for the fitting institutions.

SiGIGS acquires and records all the information regarding the state of processing of all the various payments, both input and output the credit institution, trough specific interfaces.
Taking advantage of the tracking offered and guaranteed by GPI, it becames available in real time that all the information is achieved, regarding the state of processing, the delay, and the state of handling of payment orders throughout all the transit chain of the payment: starting with the ordering institution, up to the final recipient one.
Beyond these functions it is foreseen the possibility to intercept and manage any potential event of STOP & RECALL, on the basis of the GPI defined regulation.

SiGIGS makes available all this information, both for the various back offices and the final users, allowing an easy integration into the portals in use by credit institutes, by means of generalised services.

Main features and modules

  • MT103 and/or MT202 recording to and from the credit institute
  • Matching with MT199 and MT299 for tracking both processing state and processing time frame for payment orders
  • Production of MT199 and/or MT299 for SWIFT net sending, as forecast by GPI
  • Function handling for STOP & RECALL to and from the credit institute
  • Chance of using the API forecast on GPI protocol, for reporting and tracking about payment history
  • Generation, through a parametric logic, of various different alerts following processing delays or significant events
  • Report production about SLA of the interacting credit Institutes, regarding payment processing and collaterals


  • The solution is multi-bank
  • Includes the acquisition of data flows originated from your back office systems
  • Independent from settings of your back office systems
  • Modular and extensible through the addition of specific application layers