SiVIG is the App solution realized by SiGRADE, in order to support the Bank Institutes in such a complex process, as data extraction for the Supervision Warning System can be.

A possibility for ruling the whole extraction process is offered to the user, supplying all the instruments for significant economic event statistics, along with the related information, thus defining the structure of each report (technical figure) and so assemble the rules to valorize the involved fields.

The extraction can be made in full autonomy, so to be able to wait for the consent in all the single feeding procedures. The temporary results can be previously consulted, proceeding then to their modifications or dispatch, keeping a proper tracking map for their variations, so to be able, as an extreme solution, to proceed to a new extraction, if the corrections were too deep for those data produced by the feeding procedure.

Modules and main functions

  • Data crawling in the original flows from any different feeding process
  • Definition of warning events and basic data mapping
  • Definition of the Technical Figures and related structure
  • User’s requests for the data extraction and dispatch of the final flows
  • Consulting and saving of the printouts


  • Multi-bank solution
  • The App can feed any application of Supervision Warning (Matrix, OASI, Minerva, SISBA, SECETI, …)
  • Allows user to consult and manage at any time the rules for the Warning settlement, thus overtaking the ‘black-box effect’, typical of not fully-developed procedures
  • Avoids problems of software layering, giving the possibility of information historicizing
  • Offers an adequate information backing