SiCORP represents the final fully evolved solution introduced by SiGRADE for a centralized collection, monitoring and management process of all the administrative and company events.
It is an application suite concerning collection, management and monitoring of the several and variable events, either for corporate actions, or administration and assembly deed occurrences, pointed out through the various messages sent daily by the external depository banks.
Our product allows to automate most of the administrative work, in a lot of cases performed manually, thus de facto greatly reducing the related operative risks.
Beyond being a general collector and aggregating all the messages received from the depository banks, our application automatically recognizes the flagged event, makes up a working plan and allows to monitor the event evolution through Alerts and automated process development checks.
Our application has been engineered as the centralized event management point through which is possible to verify the progress of the work since the first initial communication by a depository until the final operative and accounting conclusion.
Conceived and realized in a modular approach, our suite consists of different modules that allow to get all the customer positions about those bonds under-event, permitting the account balancing with the depository banks' data, and communicating towards customers.

Main functions

  • Events managed: Coupon payment, Reimbursement, Dividend payment, Capital increase, Boards meetings, etc.
  • Operative Dashboard consisting of Dashboard, Message manager, Agenda, Alert, Event manager, Position manager
  • Account balance manager
  • News bullettin dashboard
  • Monitoring dashboard
  • Extraction repository
  • Performance indicative
  • Creation of the “golden event” based on several info sources
  • Accounting balance towards the depository banks and automated account bookkeeping
  • Specific management of depository banks and customers
  • Automated management of those payments related to balancing events and confirmed by the depository through bank applications
  • Possibility for suspending non-balancing payments, and unlocking in a second time
  • Optimized management of input and output messages (Swift and MT)
  • Batch and report process optimized and reduced
  • Users activities simplified thanks to dashboards and guided workflows
  • The operator is allowed to check directly all online processes on time
  • Full process monitoring
  • Historic log for modifications and traceability


An innovative technology permitted SiGRADE to combine a complete management of all bank needs and the management of corporate actions. Thanks to this planning, the related economic responsibility becomes decisively bearable, under the point of view of hardware cost and integration facilities (simple and efficient common core applications interface). Decrease and reduction of the reputation risks towards customers.
Our application can be setup also in stand-alone mode, for full practicality it just needs to be fed by depository banks' messages in SWIFT formats (ISO 15022 o 20022), RNI or source layout.
Given that it is a suite, it is always possible to set our application opting just for modules of interest. Possible to start on a base function, finalized to the simple event consulting, then upgrading up to the full “remote” management of the core Finance application.