SiTES is an application developed by SiGRADE to provide process automation, processing speed and accounting control.
SiTES allows connecting any back office security processing software to any foreign currency back office module.
SiTES consists of three sub-systems:

• Interface to back office security processing software
• Parametric engine to select operations to send to the foreign currency back office, monitoring despatching, gathering statistic and accounting data
• Interface to foreign currency back office software

Main functions

• Transactions to display, modify and manage all in-transit operations
• SiTES overcomes the limit of back office security processing procedures working with contract or listed rates only
• Same daily rate to currency events when accounting
• Same currency rate to «customer» and «market» side of operations
• Transactions and reports to cross check foreign currency accounting and general ledger
• SiTES provides all information regarding security operations in foreign currencies:

o Settlement of operations with frozen exchange rate
o Accounting of settled operations
o Assessment of contract exchange rates
o Accounting of operations with balance of counterparty / customer accounts
o Management of banking technical structures for foreign currency operations (optional module)
• Balance and assessment of operations before sending foreign currency statistics and information to market authorities


• SiTES works fully on-line: batch processing is available when needed.
• Multi-company
• SiTES can be easily interfaced with multiple software modules
• Available 24 hours a day; 7 days a week
• Operations are fast and easy thanks to the multi-session environment, contextual menus and on-line help
• Application layer separated from presentation
• User interface can be either web-based or 3270 user interface
• Data navigation tools are provided