SI IAS is the SiGrade module for security accounting in accordance with the International Accounting Standards (IAS).
SI IAS is a fully independent module. It must interface the back office security processing module to source information about existing contracts. SI IAS can source prices of securities from information providers different from the ones feeding the back office security processing module.
SI IAS performs all calculations provided in IAS standards, executing amortized cost and fair value evaluations.

• Assets

o Financial asset at fair value through profit and loss
o Held to maturity
o Loans and receivables
o Available for sale

• Liabilities

o Financial liability at fair value through profit and loss
o Other financial liabilities

Main Functions

• Si IAS can calculate profit and loss by using various algorithms: daily average cost, historical average cost, LIFO or FIFO, etc.
• Si IAS calculates capital gain and loss on the basis of IAS principles, either on a daily basis or over a specific period of time.
• Si IAS provides information about accrued interests in executed trades (bonds, securities swap, etc.). Calculations are stored in a proper database. Custom inquiries can be developed to efficiently edit IAS balance sheet or additional accounting and fiscal documentation.
• Si IAS manages and stores all calculations related to amortized cost.
• Si IAS manages structured securities, correctly performing the break-up of the underlying derivatives
• Si IAS can be interfaced to hedge accounting software modules to perform proper record accounting
• Si IAS can provide all data and statistics that must be submitted to market authorities

• Si IAS provides easy and powerful tools to navigate through data


• Operations very easy and fast, thanks to a multi-session environment, hierarchical menus and lists, on-line help
• Multi-Bank, multi-session, multi-currency and multi-language
• Application layer is separated from presentation
• Either web based or mainframe 3270 user interface is available