Compliance 231


Italian government has recently introduced new regulation about legal responsibility of business companies towards actions undertaken by members of the firm. Every company must prevent illegal activities, properly changing its organization and control systems. Guidelines and recommendations have been given off by regulatory associations (ABI, ANIA, Confindustria). In respect to those guidelines, Cedacri Group has recently adopted the “Organizational Model 231”, consisting of a set of rules and roles to prevent breaches of the law-in-force caused by any Cedacri Group’s company or any member of them. Cocco.

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The ethical code adopted by Cedacri Group includes the entirety of behaviour principles that the Group’s companies must respect in front of all stakeholders. The code states the policies to be followed, identifying responsibilities and consequences in case of breach. The ethical code shapes the organizational model and all internal procedures of Cedacri Group’s companies.

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