Si Fix

Si Fix is the SiGrade application to manage automated order routing to markets.

Main Features

• Interface to back office security processing module to exchange order/execution messages
• Si FIX can adopt messaging standards already existing within the client information system
• Si FIX transcodes outbound messages to FIX format and it can transcode inbound messages to back-office standard
• Monitor of all inbound and outbound messages, with decoding functions and specific enquiries
• Error monitoring
• Performance logging
• Monitoring of most recent events
• Daily inquiry with filter grid for quick search
• Historical inquiry with filter grid for quick search
• Real time 3D graphics about messaging performance
• History of events with details of related FIX messages
• Management of messaging errors to/from the back-office security processing module
• Data entry of orders and confirmations
• 'Blocking' function for particular orders, with subsequent manual management
• Status of FIX connectivity with flashing alarms


• Si FIX can transfer messages to any intermediary at high rate (10/15 orders per second)via FIX protocol.
• Si FIX is a multi-bank and multi-broker application
• User profiles for specific groups of users can be customized with special functions/windows.
• Si FIX is scalable, in terms of number of brokers, number of orders, etc.