Si LiDer

Si LiDer is the SiGrade solution for negotiation and margining of futures and options listed in official markets.

Main Features

• Automated data capture of deals and prices.
• Automated import of clearing data
• Computing daily margin according to the most popular algorithms
• Feed adapters to gather deals, prices and margin data from any source (Market, Clearing House, Broker, etc.)
• Main dashboard to monitor feed adapters and generate warnings about out of order status, with data dump to check and repair breakdowns.
• Management of Corporate Action with multiple simulation and check stages, where effects of actions can be tested and verified before releasing final changes.


• This solution can be configured on the basis of services that are offered and of the role played by the institution when trading and / or clearing
• On-line and batch calculations for a full contract processing
• Specific features for order collection at branches, direct-access trading or indirect trading
• Direct interface to core banking applications
• Inquiry functions and filters to extract data
• Detailed breakdown of any information
• Data export (Excel, .txt, .xml, etc.)
• Native interface to all SiGrade solutions