Si ColMa

Dealing with OTC derivatives, it is essential to have effective and efficient management of collaterals in contracts such as: CSA, GMRA and GMSLA.
Si ColMa is the SiGrade solution to daily monitor all relevant events for each contract and to manage the related collaterals.

Main Features

• Collateral management, keeping daily or intra-day balance
• Automatic calculation of accrued interest of cash collaterals
• Automated payment messages
• Parametric configuration can be set by users
• Provision of specific templates to manage collaterals involved in ISDA (Si CSA), ICMA (Si GMRA), ISLA (Si GPT) master agreements
• Master Agreement data management (specific information, counterparty, time constraints, digital copy of the contract)
• Management of changeable entities/parameters of the contract: Base Currency, Eligible Credit Support, Interest rate, etc.
• Acquisition/reconciliation of the derivative contracts (and valuations) that generate the CSA exposure, for easier dispute management.
• Margin calculation for each type of contract
• Margin call automation
• Management of events related to margining operations


• The solution can be configured according to process identified by the client, thanks to its flexible parametric architecture
• Easy management of collateral contracts
• Reduction of operational risks related to collateral contracts
• Every event, calculation or operation is stored in an historical archive
• Centralized monitor of collateral status and events