Si Cash Pooling

Si CASH POOLING provides full automatic management of daily Cash Pooling operations with real-time fund transfer, according to any customer need.
Si CASH POOLING is a multi-currency application that can be provided also with a web-based user interface.

Main functions

• Management of domestic and foreign fund transfers
• Full automation of cash operations for either master and slave accounts
• Multiple actions (hedging/fund call) can be performed within the same day
• Different actions and logics may be configured for each account by setting proper internal parameters


Internal parametric structure allows to manage:

• Different types of balance to be used in decision logics (available / accounting / cash)
• Threshold levels for the various group accounts
• Different cut-off schedules for the various countries of the world
• Alerts
• Trigger for fund sending/recall
• Availability threshold for leader accounts
• Dynamic calculation of available flow from the leader account
• Simplified interface with foreign currency, current account sand SWIFT protocol modules
• Performance monitor
• Different actions and logic may be set at any calendar date