Si Raccolta Ordini

Si Raccolta Ordini is the SiGrade solution for order collection in full compliance with the Mifid regulation.

Main Functions

Monitor of Instrument and market:
• List of financial instruments and markets
• Negotiation management

Monitor of customers:
• List of customers that are enabled to perform classes of negotiations
• Management of connections among customers
• Management of order conditions

• Tracking of negotiation process
• Check of adequacy, pertinence and conflicting interests
• Printing of reports, adequacy and pertinence notes, etc.
• Financial coverage check
• Registry of placed orders and executed ones
• Full log of operations

Customer position:
• Customer position monitor
• Customer order history
• Customer liquidity

Integration with other software modules:
• Security master file
• Registry of security portfolios
• Conditions
• Prices
• Security Balances
• Current Account Balances
• Mifid


Si Raccolta Ordini reduces waste of time in order routing and at the same time provides higher efficiency, transparency and compliance with regulation.