Si RCM is a SiGrade solution for multi-service automated accounting. Si RCM may interface multiple software applications, either proprietary or third parties’, sourcing all information needed to generate accounting records.
Si RCM is a powerful tool that enables Accounting Departments to define accounting rules and to monitor accounting records in autonomy.

Main Features

• All accounting rules for the various services are stored in a single database
• Si RCM is a parametric software, multi-service, multi-institute
• At any time you can check and print out the accounting rules running at a certain date
• Analytical accounting records are automatically generated and can be properly aggregated, before sending them the general ledger
• Accounting records are stored in a single database and can be examined online by multiple nested inquiries
• It is possible to trace all records deriving from a single operation
• Record imbalances are reported when occurring
• By monitoring imbalances in clearing accounts, errors or malfunctioning of other subsystems may become evident
• Adding accounting rules or changing the existing ones is very easy and can be done without any help from EDP department
• A large set of parametric enquiries is available
• Accounting records originated by a certain operation can be retrieved by using the same operation key used in the originating service


• Accounting office can define accounting rules in autonomy
• Accounting rules can be implemented by using parametric values and logic statements
• At any time you can have information about the accounting rules and the operations that originated a specific accounting record
• Data navigation tools are available
• Operations are easy and fast thanks to the multi-session feature, the online help and the contextual menus
• The application architecture has a logic layer separated from presentation