Si MIFID is the SiGrade software to manage MiFID compliance operations.
Si MIFID performs continuous monitoring of adequacy and pertinence of investments suggested to customers, on the basis on their investment profile.
Main Functions
The solution focus on classification of financial instruments and customers, collection of customer information, adequacy and pertinence, evolution of order book (best execution only), transaction reporting.
Si MIFID provides the real-time status of a client's financial portfolio, commitments and risks, thanks to the connection with external providers.
All information are available through an easy and immediate web interface
The web interface simplifies the collection of customer questionnaires and the display of customer portfolio inquiries.
All information are stored in historical archives
The solution features functionality for both branches and central offices.
Customer information are about:

- Experience and knowledge about financial instruments
- Investment goals
- Regulatory issues
- Current financial position


• SI MIFID has a parametric architecture and can provide an almost unlimited set of profiles to classify customers.
• On the basis of the customer class, Si MIFID exchange information with the other systems of the client in order to make pertinence/adequacy checks.
• Si MIFID supports web services and any software module of the information system dealing with order collection or underwriting can communicate and retrieve data
• Si MIFID usually has interfaces with:
• Security
• General registry
• Security customer registry
• Security master file
• Information providers