Si MAD is the SiGrade solution to manage obligations of financial institutions deriving from the market abuse regulation (2003/6/CE European Directive).
Si MAD automates processing of internal, external and market information.
Si MAD performs analysis and processing of information, provided with a set of supervisory data.
Si MAD calculates dynamic indicators with parametric thresholds to trigger warning procedures about:
• insider trading
• manipulation of operations
• manupulation of information

Si MAD allows to fulfil the following obligations:
• establishing a registry for people who can access privileged information
• establishing a registry for people relevant to market abuse detection
• reporting of internal dealing operations
• reporting of suspicious operations

Main Features

• Management of indicators, rules and formulas
• Registry of individuals and connections between individuals
• Registry of security issuers
• Management of the following registries:

- Informed individuals
- Privileged individuals
- Suspect individuals
- Connections
- Company / Individual / Financial Instruments

• Management of historical behaviours

• Management of dossiers:

- Display of transactions (orders, executions, fails) to be reported
- Data entry about suspicious transactions
- Management of dossier status


• Single access point to obtain all information
• Autonomy in rule definition
• Advanced security management with possibility to encrypt data
• Wide range of rules for data aggregation
• Focus on connections between individuals
• Web-based presentation and mainframe application logic
• Modular solution