Si GPO is a module of Si FINANZA suite designed to help managing bond issued by clients.
SI GPO has a native interface to Si FINANZA and it uses Si FINANZA data base and routines.
SI GPO is IAS compliant.

Main Features

• Placement, repurchase, sales are gathered directly from the back office security processing data base and recorded in historical archive
• Automation of coupon management, with automated payment at any branch
• Automation of repurchase management, with automated payment at any branch
• Management of Convertible Bonds
• Management of time frames for refund or conversion
• Pro-forma depreciation plan for senior debt with no contractual depreciation, for any regulatory duty.
• One Coupon and Zero Coupon interest
• Accrued interests
• Automation of data submission to supervisory authority
• Accounting
• Easy and powerful data navigation


• Easy and effective use thanks to the multi-session frames, synthetic lists and menus, on-line help
• Multi-bank, multi-session, multi-currency and multi-language
• Application layer is separated from presentation one
• Web based or mainframe 3270 user interface