Si-GPM is the SiGrade application that enables to collect asset management subscriptions and to provide customers with information about status and performance of their own portfolio.
Si GPM creates a link between the financial institution and companies that provide asset management service.

Main Functions

• In case customer portfolio management is managed by a third party asset management company, Si-GPM allows private banking offices to manage the front-office operations (position opening, deposits, withdrawals and switches) in a dynamic and flexible way.
• They can work with explicit amounts or allocation percentages.
• They can run adequacy controls of portfolio composition at any time.
• Full custom portfolio allocation is supported, too.
• Cash and securities deposits are fully managed.
• Management fees can be linked to every asset management product or agreed upon with customers when signing initial contracts


• The application can provide all relevant information communicated by asset managers (E.g. returns, portfolio composition, etc.)
• Portfolio composition and performance are daily updated
• Portfolio composition and performance are available online at any time