Si Fondi e Sicav

Si Fondi e SiCAV is the SiGrade solution for the management of Funds, providing an efficient link between retail Bank, intermediary, fund manager.

Main Features

o The solution provides functionalities for both retail banks and intermediaries to manage funds from multiple fund manager companies.
o The link between fund managers and retail or intermediaries institutions is made by computer networking, without any paper document exchange.

• Featured transactions are: underwriting, reimbursement, switch, programmed reimbursement, withdrawal, deposit and funds transfer
• The solution supports transactions depending on the fund manager company too.
• The solution is multi-company, multi-fund, multi-currency
• A large set of parameters are available to properly customize operations by fund manager, type of fund, single fund, etc.


• Si GPO is very easy to use thanks to multi-session feature, online help and synthetic menus
• Si GPO adopts an internal architecture with the application layer separated from presentation.
• User interface can be either web based or mainframe 3270
• Si GPO features powerful data navigation tools