Si Fondi Pensione

The new rules about Pension Funds in Italy (D.Lgs. 124 del 21/4/1993), forces banks and financial institutions to use software instruments in order to manage efficiently fund subscriptions and operations.
Si FONDI PENSIONE is the SiGrade's solution to collect and administrate subscriptions to open Pension Funds managed by Banks, Insurance Companies, SIM and Fund Manager Companies.
Si FONDI PENSIONE is designed to interface core banking modules: General Ledger, Current Accounts, Payment Systems, etc.

Main Functions

• Possibility to manage any type of fund manager
• Management of any product provided by the fund manager company
• Subscriptions with payment plan
• Subscriptions with single payment
• Contract termination
• Additional funding
• Payment cancellation
• Partial or full redemption
• Fund switch
• Suspension or resume of payments
• Termination of contract for death
• Termination of contract for transfer to other funds
• Collective subscriptions
• Registration of employers who intermediate collective subscription
• Registration of employees which are members of collective subscription
• Link between employers and employees
• Fund fees (employee share, employer share, etc.)
• Multi-sector subscription
• Employer’s fee due to “Trattamento di fine rapporto”
• Customized deadlines to collect fund fees from employers

A special batch run allows to:

• send all daily operations to fund managers
• charge customers with fund fees
• charge employers with fund fees
• manage money transfers to depository bank
• receive details about investments and divestments, number and value of fund shares from fund managers
• process proper reporting


• Si FONDI PENSIONE improves efficiency and makes collecting individual subscriptions extremely easy. Most functions are available at the offices in charge of the collection and directly in contact with customers. The quality of service is highly improved and subscription is made easier.
• Operations are easy and fast thanks to the multi-session feature, the online help and the contextual menus
• The application logic is separated from the presentation layer
• User interface can be either web based or mainframe 3270
• Powerful data navigation tools are available