Si Clearing

Si CLEARING is the combination of two SiGrade modules, Si EXPRESS II and Si SWIFT.
Si CLEARING manages clearing and settlement of securities in domestic and international markets.

Main Features

• Si CLEARING manage the exchange of data about negotiated trades and payments instructions with clearing and settlement systems (E.g.: Monte Titoli, Euroclear, Cleastream, etc,)
• Si CLEARING receives and stores messages from clearing and settlement systems, making them available for automated matching with internal back-office data
• Si CLEARING updates clearing and settlement status of every transaction
• Si CLEARING works totally online, using time driven transactions (batch working is possible)
• Si CLEARING can be adopted by every kind of institutions:
o Dealers not belonging to the market
o Dealers belonging to the market
o Clearers, who perform security settlement on their own account or on behalf of third parties
o Clearers, who perform cash settlement on their own account or on behalf of third parties
o Financial intermediaries, who settles cash through an external clearer
o Financial intermediaries, who settles securities through an external clearer


• The parametric architecture of the solution provides good flexibility to match Express II requirements (securities and cash clearing on behalf of third parties, etc.).
• Comparison between back-office and market data for an easy check and balance. The solution can return to the back office security processing module all sorts of information about clearing and settlement, collaterals, etc.
• Management of unmatched or failed transaction.
• Security and cash positions are continuously compared with Monte Titoli and Banca d’Italia, to report possible imbalances.
• Si CLEARING can aggregate many payment instructions into single ones, thus allowing significant savings in terms of Express II fees.