Si CSA is the SiGrade solution to manage, daily and automatically, any activity connected with exposure and collateral of CSA (Credit Support Annex) contracts.
Within ISDA contracts involving Credit Support Annex guarantee, Si CSA provides automation in acquisition of exposures and in computing collateral payments, according to any contract clause.
Si CSA may work either stand-alone or together with front/middle/back office software modules.

Main Features

• Credit Support Annexes are managed altogether to reduce counterparty risk
• Any contract clause can be entered to get automatic calculation of collateral and exposure
• Automated acquisition of counterparties’ deals and exposures, together with the acquisition of the bank internal position
• Calculation of the valuation date in accordance with contract terms and margin call
• Management of cash and security collaterals
• Collateral balance and interest
• Monitor of position and valuation date


Si CSA is fully parametric and users can widely configure and customize it
Si CSA provides automated calculation of exposure and collateral, considering terms and conditions of every contract.
Benefits of automated calculation:
• Fair conditions and prices in negotiated contracts
• Reduction of counterparty risk
• Free cash/securities to be invested/traded