Si-USAF is a teller front-end application to manage all activities of foreign bank branches operating in Italy.
Si-USAF can be easily integrated with any branch back-office software and with the foreign currency back office.

Main Features

• Supports all transactions to manage operations of a branch
• Designed to interface any foreign currency back office
• Designed to interface any other teller front end
• Designed to interface ATMs
• Processing of account balance and statement within foreign currency back office


• Ease of integration with any branch back-office and foreign currency back office software.
• Web-based front-end, host mainframe back-end.
• Front-end application is implemented using Microsoft '.NET' and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and Xml) technology, to have a dynamic update of web pages with background data exchange between browser and server.
• Connection layer is implemented by using Microsoft and IBM software