Si-CAMBI is a solution for financial institutions to constantly monitor currency markets and reduce foreign exchange risk.

Main functions

Flexible, versatile, highly parametric, these are the main characteristics of Si CAMBI, the SiGrade solution dedicated to support foreign exchange risk management in an integrated environment:

• Cash operations
• Forward operations
• Deposits
• Currency swaps
• Operations deriving from security or derivative trading


• Flexible, versatile, highly parametric
• Web-based user interface
• The asynchronous on-line connection with all feeding procedures allows users to have up to date position keeping at any time
• The on-line connection with the main information providers enables instantaneous "mark to market" of existing positions
• Si CAMBI provides specific functions to calculate and record profit and loss, consolidating operations and economic results at the time. This can be done at any time, either during the day or at the end-of-day.