Si Tickets 3270

Si Tickets 3270 is the SiGrade mainframe ticketing solution of that allows bank branches to sell tickets and subscriptions for any kind of event: Sport, Theatre, Music, Trade Fair Shows, Culture.
SiTickets 3270 has a native interface to the all the other SiGrade ticketing solutions.

Main Features

• Immediate print of tickets and subscriptions at the branch
• Pre-printing of tickets in case of sale by third parties
• Management of «pre-sale» and «regular sale» time frames
• Management of various price structures (commissions; additional charges; etc.)
• Point of sales may be profiled, assigning the right to sell specific seats or not
• Inquiry and reporting about sale data
• Full compliance to the law in force


• Si Tickets 3270 is easy to use thanks to the multi session environment, the synthetic lists and the contextual help.
• Data navigation is supported.