Si GEASS is the SiGrade solution for the lifetime management of cashier’s cheques and other values (gifts, booklets, stamps, etc.), in any stage of operations.
The application monitors items when they enter or leave and consequently their stock level at any place where they are stored (main caveau, branch or teller), as well as their transfers from point to point.

Main Features

• Managing blank cheques
• Warehouse management
• Issuing
• Management of payers
• Cashier’s cheques
• Clearing
• Miscellaneous:

o Report to “Centrale Allarmi Interbancaria” about freezed and unfreezed payments
o Parametric accounting of each detected event
o A large set of parameters are available to properly manage payment or charge to customer current account
o Reporting to authorities: PUMA2, Anti Money Laundering, Black lists, etc..
o Powerful tools are available to extract data for any purpose


• Thanks to its parametric architecture, SI GESS can be tailored to meet customer needs, in terms of printing, delivering, reporting and so on.
• The internal flexibility of Si GEASS reduces the need for software developments to maintain or adapt the application to emerging requirements, consequently reducing costs and operating risks.