Si EEACT represents a complete tool to monitor and manage clearing and truncation of cheques.

Main functions

• On-line and batch feed of negotiated cheque database
• Truncation of inbound and outbound cheques
• Connection to current accounts or teller desk to enter information about unpaid cheques or paid cheques to be dispatched
• On-line messages about «Check Truncation» and clearing (unpaid, paid, etc.)
• Management of paper documents needed at the various steps
• Information about cheque events
• Management of repeated forwarding of the same cheque by counterparties
• Full management cheques issued and cleared within a banking group
• Connection to «Disposizioni di Portafoglio» procedure for recall operations
• Connection to «C.A.I.» to enter cheque recalls and to perform received cheque validations
• Balance of settlement data received from Clearing House
• Automatic upload of subscribing bank table distributed by SIA
• Real-time monitor of irregular positions, imbalances and faults deriving from messaging, enabling immediate solution
• Accounting records are generated according to the kind of cheque, kind of clearing method, etc.
• Menus can be customized to manage different user profiles


• By integrated functions, Si EEACT can track all events regarding any cheque, either issued or drawn

• Teller can use a single user interface to enter information about unpaid or paid cheques , regardless the type of cheque

• The application also manages unexpected actions performed by counterparties, like submission of the same check to either Check Truncation and Clearing House

• A single database makes research and inquiry very fast

• Research and inquiries can be performed over either online database and historical archive