Si CAI is the SiGrade solution to automate communication to «C.A.I. - Centrale di Allarme Interbancaria», in compliance with the Italian regulation.
SI CAI provides the following services:

• CAPRI – Unpaid cheques
• PASS – Lost or stolen cheques
• CARTER – Recalled credit and debit cards
• PROCAR – Lost or stolen cards
• ASA – Administrative penalty archive
• ASP – Criminal penalty archive

Main Features

• Cheque recalling
• Recognition of customers who have suffered from cheque recall by other banks (CAPRI / CARTER / ASA / ASP)
• Recording and storage of every inquiry made, either directly by Si CAI or by other interfacing applications (CAPRI / CARTER / ASA / ASP)
• Integration with cheque clearing module to compute charges on delayed payments (CAPRI)
• Blocking and unblocking warnings may be entered in real-time or delayed mode and they can be immediately forwarded to banking network (PASS / PROCAR)
• Archive inquiries for internal use (teller’s negotiation)
• Possibility to enable third parties (customers that have commercial business, and so on) to archive inquiries (PASS / PROCAR)
• Calculation and verification of traffic data and application «checksums»
• Possibility to customize menus for any operating unit (branch, inspectors, etc.)


• "Intelligent" multi-bank functionality: data submitted to “Banca d’Italia” may be stored once for all the operating institutions
• The interfaces to connect to "Mirrors" avoid duplication of information in subsystems
• If a client’s customer has suffered from a past cheque recall, information about the customer are stored with no time limits in the client system, still in compliance with the law in force.